Why Is The Left So Obsessed With Ripping On Elon Musk?

elon musk space karen

In a news cycle where a breakthrough Covid vaccine is being hailed as a “game changer,” to new revelations about Joe Biden’s funneling of funds through his sham cancer charity, the only thing on the liberal left’s collective mind is widespread ridicule of one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, Elon Musk.

Today’s nickname is “Space Karen”.

The CEO of Tesla’s crime? A tweet he made on Nov. 13 questioning the mixed results of his four rapid antigen tests for COVID-19.

Instead of focusing on actual news events of the day, the liberal hivemind known as Twitter instead gleefully took aim at the embattled Tesla boss, dubbing him “Space Karen” for questioning the effectiveness of rapid PCR testing.

It isn’t surprising that the irony of schoolyard name calling is lost on the crybaby hypocritical left, and that “Karen” is itself quietly racist towards white women.

What is surprising is the actual degree of animus directed towards the Tesla and SpaceX CEO on a near daily basis.

elon musk space karen

When it comes to social media, any perceived enemy of the left instantly becomes fodder for mass mockery, but in the case of Musk, it seems all too much as if there is a real hatred towards the man.

“Space Karen”

This time, the ridicule began with a response to his tweet by Emma Bell, a self identified non-binary queer with a clear as day left wing bent to their twitter account, judging by their post history.

Instead of responding to Elon’s tweet concerning his mixed results in a professional and neutral manner, Bell instead opted to respond using the tried and true schoolyard bully tactic of name calling and belittling.

Once the tweet sallied forth into the liberal ether, the rest was history. The Left wing twitter mob, pitchforks eternally at the ready, angry and hungry to attack all things perceived as “non-left” and therefore fair game, took up the mantra with enthusiastic aplomb.

The tweets and retweets calling Musk “Space Karen” deluged the social media site, quickly trending and leaving actual prime time news stories such as the new breakthrough vaccine that could literally end the COVID pandemic, and Biden’s cancer charity shenanigans, by the wayside.

A Pattern Of Liberals Ripping On Elon Musk

This isn’t the first time the Left-wing twitter mob has crusaded against Elon Musk.

As one of the few celebrity CEO’s who actively memes and takes part in the social media experiment, the question begs to be asked why are the Left so obsessed with attacking the Tech CEO.

You’d be hard pressed to find another CEO, tech or otherwise, more flagrantly reviled than the Tesla chairman.

What drives their pernicious hatred of a man who has been called a singular visionary of our times?

While there is no one singular answer that can explain the Left’s rabid reaction to all things Musk, what is important to note is the manner in which the Left choose to attack its victims.

Twitter Bullying – A Leftist Issue

Schoolyard bullying and name calling. Over and over, whether the victim is Musk or other Twitter celebs such as Ben Shapiro, the tactic never changes. Infantile derision, the type common in a grade school classroom, is the unwavering tactic.

elon musk space karen

Emma Bell’s “Space Karen” tweet rocketed off the launch pad itself with over 65k likes, as countless tweets and retweets repeating the moniker and paired with derisive photoshopped images of Musk bombarded the platform.

Bell herself quickly capitalized on her viral insult, repeating and embracing the myriad memes and retweets directed against the SpaceX director and then some.

And yet, in the midst of one of the most important news cycles of the year, where the revelation that we may finally be over the hump of one of the most ruinous pandemics of our lifetime, with the imminent release of a vaccine, the twitter mob is only interested in obsessing over a tweet made by a CEO 3 days ago where he questioned his test results and attempted to have an open dialogue about testing efficacy.

I guess the crime of being perceived by the Left as an “enemy” takes primacy above all else.

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