Proud Boys Planning Friday 13th Protest Across 3 Major Cities

According to a leaked email attachment submitted to AFN, the Proud Boys are planning to hold protests in 3 major cities across the United States on Friday the 13th. As usual, the protests are expected to start after dark. 

Email attachment below:

proud boys friday 13th

From the email attachment obtained we can deduct that on Friday the 13th (tomorrow) the Proud Boys are planning a protest in the following cities: 

  • Portland
  • Atlanta
  • NYC

From the text in the image you can tell they expect light resistance in NYC. However when it comes to Portland and Atlanta it appears that the group may be preparing for violence. 

We do not know which areas of the cities the proud boys plan to protest at. 

It is advised that if you are located in downtown Portland or Atlanta that is likely where the protests will take place. 

Do not engage with Proud Boys if you encounter them protesting. They are known for a history of violence. 

Chicago 2017

Back in 2017 a member of the Proud Boys went on a stabbing spree in Chicago during a protest. 

“A Humboldt Park man, Thomas Christensen, was found guilty Friday of aggravated battery charges for stabbing a man who confronted him about his purported membership in a white nationalist group outside a concert at Northerly Island in 2017.”Source 

NYC 2019

Just last year in NYC a large group of Proud Boys assaulted a group of unarmed protesters. They took a video showing them beating up civilians, some of which were elderly.

proud boys friday 13th

“The videos that emerged from an Upper East Side event in October showed a disturbing scene: about a dozen men connected to a far-right group called the Proud Boys surrounding and striking a smaller group of protesters, believed to be self-described anti-fascists.

Ten members and associates of the Proud Boys, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a “hate group,” were arrested as a result of the altercation.” – Source

Threats To The Portland Mayor

Last year the Proud Boys posted a video to their Facebook and YouTube page including death threats towards the Mayor of Portland. The following is one of the excerpts:

“Your days are f****** numbered … I promise you this, Ted Wheeler: I’m coming for you, you little punk.” 

So if the Proud Boys truly are planning a Friday the 13th protest in your city, best to be cautious and prepared for the worst.

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