Whoopsie- De Blasio Daughter Admits Election was Stolen, Calls Kamala Harris the True Elected President

In an all-too-candid post election interview, Chiara de Blasio, the loudmouthed, entitled daughter to the embattled Mayor of New York City, accidentally said the quiet part out loud when asked why she thinks the election was so special.

“For me it’s really special because now we have the first Black Asian..female..president..in office… elected, and Joe Biden was able to steal..steal the election.”

As shocking as this might sound, it really comes as no surprise that Chiara views Kamala Harris as the real President and “power behind the throne,” as it is an open secret within the Democratic Party that Joe Biden’s senility is at an advanced stage and no longer able to be hidden from the public. 

In the event of Biden being compromised mentally and/or physically, Harris would take over as the next Commander in Chief. 

Only slightly less shocking is the revelation that the Democratic machine attempted to steal the election for Joe Biden right out from under the public’s nose. 

Barr’s memo warns of immediate investigations into “credible claims” of voter fraud

As allegation after allegation pile up concerning voter fraud, improper ballots, and extreme ballot harvesting by the Dems, Attorney General William Barr has already mobilized his legal wing to investigate any and all claims of impropriety with regards to the election, as dozens of lawsuits have been filed by the Trump administration in each of the battleground states that Trump was projected to win. 

“Affidavits have been signed, sealed and delivered, this investigation is going to rock the United States in ways no one is expecting,” a source in the Attorney General’s office claimed. “Everything that happens now, they brought on themselves.”

Indeed, the Trump administration is quite confident it can prove its case in court, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo boasting in a press conference that team Trump will remain in power for another four years.

In the Wake of Lawsuits, Georgia Turns Towards Trump

With lawsuits filed and as the Barr memorandum to investigate circulating, the state of Georgia has already declared a full recount by hand, with an emphasis on discarding all ballots not clearly postmarked by November 3rd. 

The decision to recount will undoubtedly favor Trump, as more contested states are likely to follow suit.

All Votes Matter

It comes as no surprise then, that team Biden is doing everything in its power to try and stop the Georgia recount from happening. 

Numerous counter suits have been filed and the sloganeering of All Votes Matter, a direct reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, has been taken up on social media, trending on twitter for numerous days. 

With the Trump team vowing to pour daylight onto the shadowy mess of the 2020 election, one thing remains certain: until the full counting and recounting are complete, until the numerous lawsuits and countersuits have run their course through our country’s legal system, President Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere.

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