Covid-19 Victim Wins Election in North Dakota

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2020 has forced us to expect the unexpected, but now North Dakota has a real problem on its hands. After the most recent election, one representative, who passed away from Covid-19 in October, has won.

Are you wondering how a deceased candidate could get elected? Are you curious to find out what happens next? Read on for all the latest details.

How Did This Happen?

David Andahl was a popular rancher and businessman in North Dakota. The outspoken Republican decided to get into politics after the election of President Trump.

This year, he ran a strong campaign against incumbent Jeff Delzer. Everything changed in October, though, when he contracted Covid-19.

Prior to getting sick, Andahl did have a few health challenges. His family said that he took precautions, but was unable to fend off the virus. They announced his death on his campaign website in October.

Despite announcing Andahl’s death, it was too late to remove him from the state House ballot. After all, mail-in voting had already started in North Dakota on September 24.

As a result, 35.53% of voters still showed their support for the Republican by casting votes for him. That means Andahl would have one his seat had he survived his coronavirus battle.

What Happens Next?

So, what happens when an individual posthumously wins a House seat? It may come as a surprise, but this type of situation isn’t unprecedented.

Since 2000, at least six other candidates around the nation have won elections after their deaths. Statistics show that at least 3 office-holding local politicians have passed away from coronavirus this year.

When Andahl’s family announced his passing, the state’s attorney general was quick to respond to constituent’s concerns. The office put out a statement explaining what would happen if Andhal won in November.

The attorney general said that the situation would be handled in the same way as an official’s decision to retire. In North Dakota, when a house representative retires, his party appoints a suitable replacement.

Now that the situation has come to pass, it’s likely that the Republican Party will appoint a new person to fill the vacant seat. No official statement has been released yet, though.

Election Chaos

Right now, North Dakota isn’t the only state facing election uncertainty. It’s been several days since the federal Presidential election, yet no official call has been made yet.

Anxious Americans are growing impatient. Some protesters have even started to storm the White House in search of answers. As candidate Joe Biden stated in a speech after the elections, it’s important that we all remain patient as every vote gets counted.

That’s difficult for many Americans to do right now, though, especially since the current President is starting to allege that widespread voter fraud likely skewed the results of the election. Are dead residents casting votes in swing states? Are mysterious sharpies causing ballots to get rejected? Should we question the integrity of our voting system? These questions are important to ask, but they aren’t helping the average American cope with this unprecedented situation.

There’s a good chance that this whole situation will result in a highly contested election. Both candidates have already expressed their intent to pursue lawsuits, so there’s a very good chance that the ordeal will wind up in court. With that in mind, it’s not a good idea to get too invested in the results of the election right now. We likely won’t know the results for weeks (or even months!) even if the media declares one of the candidates as the winner.

Surviving the 2020 Elections

Are you currently stressing out over the 2020 elections? You’re not alone. Experts say stress eating has skyrocketed in the past few days, and many Americans are struggling to get enough sleep.

For the sake of your own health, take a break from binging on the latest vote count data. Consider unplugging from social media for a few days. Instead, focus your attention on pursuing your own goals.

If you’re stuck at home due to the pandemic, consider checking out these 10 ways to make money at home. Whatever the outcome of this election, we’re in this together! Keep checking our site regularly for more of the latest financial news.

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