Candace Owens Proclaims “No Society Can Survive Without Strong Men”

candice owens strong men

Candace Owens sent a tweet over the weekend proclaiming that a society cannot survive without “Strong Men”.

Her tweet was quoting a post made by Vogue. In which famous singer Harry Styles is shown wearing dresses that would typically be described as feminine. Dresses that stereotypically would be expected to be designed and worn by women.

Unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

But for as many people agreeing with Oliva Wilde, there were just as many in agreement with Owens sentiment.

Of course Candace Owens wasn’t the only person riling up liberals over the weekend…

Ben Shapiro Enters The Ring

Ben Shapiro was trending on Twitter this morning (always an exciting click).

Turns out he once again walked into the liberal lions den with a tweet backing up the statement made by Candace Owens.

Before long Twitter did what it did best.

Liberals across Twitter began to brigade Ben Shapiro as someone who is insecure about their masculinity.

Other users poked fun at the concept that Ben Shapiro is not “manly” enough to make a decision on what a “strong man” is.

Slightly ironic angle to take in defense of a gender fluid argument, but it’s a common tactic used against Ben in these types of situations.

Is Candace Owens Right That Society Needs Strong Men?

It’s pretty clear Candace Owens was looking for a divisive tweet to send out Saturday night. One that would both excite her traditionally conservative base while also riling up the left. And it worked perfectly.

Candace Owens is correct in saying strength is needed in society.

But why not mention that strong women are essential as well? Especially considering how strong of a female she is herself.

candace owens strong men

The inverse of what she is implying would be an intention to revert/conserve current expectations in gender.

Did Candace Owens have to specifically say strong men? Did she need to do it in response to a Vogue post featuring an already known metro-sexual pop star who isn’t even from America?

Probably not.

But there is definitely a middle ground that can be reached here.

All should be able to agree that having strong and smart individuals of both genders would be the most beneficial to any society.

Candace Owens was looking to stir the pot. And it has been stirred. Luckily for her, it looks like Ben Shapiro is the only one really getting cooked on Twitter today.

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