The Pistol Of COVID: Which Side Of It Are You On?

There is something almost theatrical and uncanny during this unforeseen saga that has emerged with sweeping tentacles beginning of 2020, and it’s not only that a gun (thermometer) is being pointed at your head like a western saloon standoff every time you step in the convenience store with a mandatory mask.

In the annals of history, no epidemic, pandemic, or plague that is worth remembering let alone urged governments to take severe action to implement quarantine, has focused on the weakest segment of society as its benchmark. 

The current unprecedented situation, which has brought international trade and travel to a screeching halt did not count the laborer segment of society as its red flag in declaring a quarantine which by design hinders their movement. 

Instead, the octogenarians and ill are oddly metricized into the new benchmark of the system measuring the “pandemic’s” severity. As of today, the focus is on the morbidity rate of the elderly, while the labor force, soldiers, and children, have been basically impervious from this influenza.

Today in our culture that quests for immortality and is chased by death anxiety, we collectively have exacerbated our fundamental intelligence preceptors – we are all dying the only question is if it be graciously with dignity or not. 

The death of elderly people does not raise any sirens, neither triggers the “pandemic” alarm, it is a natural progression of the cycle of life. 

What Defines A “Covid Death”? 

The death of Saeb Erekat the Palestinian negotiator at 65 years of age, brought a lot of attention in the Middle East to COVID. The fact that Saeb’s health trajectory was on a steady decline, with his heart attack in 2012, a lung transplant in 2017, and pulmonary fibrosis; was not asserted.

The media and governments amplified the part that he tested positive for COVID thus doing us a disservice by feeding us only select sound bites to the story.

Therefore holistically speaking, concluding that COVID was the Maître De is inevitable. Death had been aggressively stalking Saeb with a vengeance for the past 8 years and COVID guided him to its table.

Since 2009 the World Health Organization (WHO) had a clean decade to formulate the metrics that define a pandemic. There were guidelines issued during this period of pandemic preparedness, simulations, and multilateral government alignment, with the last simulation dated October 2019.

The delegates of the World Health Assembly decided on a dubious definition to later change to a more dubiously arbitrary definition.

Despite this consolidated effort by NGO’s, IGO’s, and governments to alien their thinking on influenzas that can spread exponentially and potentially kill millions of people, there was no coherent document that can be reasonably considered a definition for a pandemic.

This style of shoot first- then mark the target, has lent legitimacy to governments the world over to circumvent the notions of a liberal democracy in their crusade to clamp down on a “pandemic” that has no entry gate sign post, hence, by its definition will never have an exit. 

The “pandemic” has now become the gateway drug into the new world of disproportionately aggressive tactics that has not only physically muzzled your face like a Pitbull, but will allow the leash to lock onto your collar to finally control you like one.

In this theater of absurdity, the gun was pointed in the first scene, rest assured it will be fired in the following scene, the only question is where will you be standing?    

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