Best Black Friday Deals at Target in 2020

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Over 84.2 million people took advantage of in-store Black Friday sales last year. Do you plan on becoming a part of that statistic this year?

If so, then it’s crucial to research the best deals before you head out shopping. Otherwise, you’re sure to get caught up in the chaos. Read on to discover some of the best Black Friday deals at Target this year.

Target’s Black Friday Savings Days

Unlike other retailers, Target plans to have Black Friday sales throughout the whole month of November. Different sales will be held throughout the month. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Savings on electronics: Nov 1-7
  • Deals on home goods: Nov 8-14
  • Clothing deals: Nov 15-21
  • Every Category: Nov 22-28

Most other stores will have their Black Friday sales on the day after Thanksgiving. You can get ahead of the crowd by enjoying month-long savings at Target.

1. Electronics

During the first week of deals, you can expect to see major savings on some of your favorite electronic devices. Here’s an overview of some savings you don’t want to miss:

  • Ring Doorbell – $140 (save $60)
  • Samsung 4K 70-Inch TV – $600 (save $130)
  • Beats Studio 3 Headphones – $175 (save $175)
  • Apple AirPods and Charger Case – $130 (save $30)
  • Fire 4K TV Stick – $30 (save $20)
  • Android Smart TV – $230 (save $170)

Are you currently struggling to earn a steady income during this pandemic? Consider investing in electronics that can help you boost your career. With the right tools, you can find a full-time job in one week.

2. Home Goods

Target’s second week of sales is dedicated to deals on home goods. Target will discount essential kitchen goods and floorcare products.

Due to the pandemic, you may be concerned about crowds this year. Target is, too. That’s one reason why they’ve expanded Black Friday to include the whole month of November. This year, there won’t be any early hour openings. If you shop in-store, then prepare to bring your mask. Keep in mind that Target will be limiting the number of shoppers in each location, too.

If you don’t want to shop in-store, then you can still take advantage of Black Friday sales by using curbside pickup options.

3. Clothing, Beauty Supplies, and Apparel

During the third week of Black Friday deals at Target, you can save money on clothes, accessories, and beauty supplies.

Did you know that 53% of adults say that 2020’s lockdown has made them feel worse about their appearance? It’s easy to fall into bad habits and neglect our appearances during this strange time. After all, many of us are working or going to school from home.

Take the time to tend to your mental health by getting up and dressed each morning. Consider buying an outfit or two during this week of deals to help motivate yourself.

4. Other Deals

Covid-19 has disrupted local economies across the country. If your favorite local business has shut down, then you’ve likely had to start buying more products at bigger retailers.

During the final week of sales, Target will help you save on all your must-have items like:

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Floorcare supplies
  • Video games
  • Consoles
  • Toys

According to experts, toy sales spiked by 16% amidst the initial Covid-19 lockdown. In 2020, more children are staying at home full-time. If you’re purchasing toy gifts for the holidays, then consider waiting for these exclusive Target toy deals to roll out in late November.

The Best Black Friday Deals at Target

Do any of the above Black Friday deals at Target sound attractive to you? What if I told you it got even better? If you buy an item that drops in price before Christmas, then Target will refund the difference! With a price match guarantee like that, Target may have the best deals of the season!

Are you excited to participate in Black Friday deals but struggling to come up with the funds? Check out these 10 clever ways to make money on lockdown to start getting some cash now!

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