XpresSpa Stock Will Spike, Logan International Facility Near Completion

XpresSpa stock

XSPA stock holders may be in for a treat this week. CEO has announced a press conference for Wednesday.

Stock holders were already aware of the new deal with Logan International. But even XpresSpa expected a month would be needed for preparation. Construction for the new Covid-19 testing facility at Logan International Airport in Boston began in early October.

Originally, construction was expected to be completed mid-November. Now it appears the testing center may be complete before November.

XpresSpa stock

What Does This Mean For XpresSpa Stock Holders

With the Covid-19 testing center almost complete at Logan International Airport, XpresSpa is that much closer to becoming a huge part in bringing back air travel as a whole.

It’s no coincidence that Delta, Jet Blue, Spirit, and American airlines all went up in stock value in the tail end of last week.

Experts in the airline industry understand that for the sector to recover, restoring passengers confidence in their safety is key. Without it the airline industry doesn’t return.

XpresSpa took a genius pivot months ago when they turned their airport spas into Covid-19 testing centers.

XpresSpa stock

The concept of having passengers test themselves before boarding the plane relieves a lot of anxiety. Many travelers have been avoiding flying strictly out of fear of catching Covid. With XpresSpa and the right rules implemented, this fear could be removed entirely.

Now, as a stock that is still selling for under $2, XpresSpa has become a crucial factor in the reopening of airports across the United States.

This has also made them a pivotal part of the airline industry in general.

They are not the only company to pivot during Covid and raise their stock value.

With so many big players relying on XpresSpa to restore confidence in commercial flying, XpresSpa stock holders can be confident that they will be riding back up with United Airlines, Delta, and all the rest of them.

Let’s Not Forget What XpresSpa Stock Used To Be

When we say “ride back up”, we mean it.

XpresSpa stock

XpresSpa stock was worth $216 a share in October of 2016. This is not your typical penny stock.

In March 2020 (peak of the pandemic), their shares were $0.64 per share.

Now XpresSpa has brought it’s stock value back to just under $2. The company has proven they are adaptable. A trait that will be extremely important for any company in the coming months.

During a pandemic a spa company catering to airports would seem to be the perfect example of a company that can’t bounce back. Not only were spas closed, but people were terrified of airports.

As mentioned above they have pivoted. They have brought themselves well above a dollar. This company is resilient. And now with airports and airlines realizing how much this company can expedite airline recovery, we are more confident than even in XpresSpa stock.

Future Plans For XpresSpa

XpresSpa may have Covid-19 testing in all of their in-airport facilities before the end of the year. These airports include:

Arizona – Phoenix

California – Los Angeles

Nevada – Las Vegas

New York – LaGuardia

Texas – Austin

Utah – Salt Lake City

Washington, D.C

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