Why Is HYLN Stock Plummeting Right Now?

hyln stock

Without a doubt, HYLN is the most unpredictable stock on the market today. Could it close at $35? Could it plummet to $20? Both are extremely possible. And investors and day traders alike will be monitoring HYLN stock through the day.

Let’s explore both possibilities.

Why HYLN Stock Might Fall (And Is Currently Falling)

Not only is there no hype, there isn’t even news.

There is no press conference coming up or brand new prototype that was released. The biggest concern with the inflate in value is that it is very possible it has been created from hype based on nothing.

hyln stock

Sure the stock has exploded over 300%, but without any reasoning behind the explosion, it’s best for investors to proceed with caution.

Volume today is also a lot lower than many investors expected.

“Seems as if the biggest disappointment, from the HYLN stockholder point of view, was the fact that CEO of Hyliion did not come up with some contract news or anything that could push the price up.”Source

Why HYLN Stock Might Rise

Sometimes, hype is hype. Even if it is fake.

“The company created from the merger — Hyliion Holdings Corp. — began trading Friday in New York after shares in Tortoise surged more than 300% ahead of a shareholder vote last month. Healy’s stake is now worth more than $1.4 billion, making him one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires. Still, the 28-year-old knows luck was involved.

hyln stock

“We were fortunate on timing,” said Healy, the firm’s chief executive officer. “If we were trying to close right when the stock market was on that downswing, we might have been having different discussions.” – Source

If retail investors keep up the hype of HYLN stock, another rise is possible.

Our Prediction on HYLN Stock

The insanely quick sell off of HYLN should be highly concerning for investors.

Our advice is to stay away from HYLN stock (for now). That being said, one good deal or press release and this stock could be $40.


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