MicroVision Buyout Coming: Multiple Tech Giants Interested

Microvision buyout

MicroVision stock (MVIS) has been on the rise this past week. New information has surfaced. And MicroVision buyout rumors have begun to recirculate.

These buyout rumors started back in July. With Microsoft buying Bethesda, analysts are expecting a “buying spree”. Many believe the speculations on Microsoft interest in a MicroVision buyout may have been correct.

Since the rumors of a MicroVision buyout surfaced, company stock has only gained value.

Now SeekingAlpha is reporting “MicroVision continues to negotiate with essentially the same interested parties about a takeover of the company as in August.”Source

These “interested parties” include Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. – Source

Why A Microsoft MicroVision Buyout Would Be The Most Likely Outcome

For a multitude of reasons, Microsoft acquiring MicroVision makes a lot of sense.

First off MicroVision owns the patent for multiple crucial components of the Hololens 2. 

microvision buyout

Hololens 2 is a product sold by Microsoft.

A buyout with MicroVision would cut the need to deal with patent litigation and purchase their patented technology for their products. An acquisition would create a more streamlined production process. 

Both companies are located in the same city. Redmond, Washington. 

Other Tech Giants Are Interested

It’s no secret to the tech community that MicroVision owns a few patents. It is also no secret as to how valuable these patents are.

“Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and many, many other companies need to strengthen their Lidar/AR/VR capabilities. Here MVIS stock is a market leader.

Microvision has over 450 issued patents, pending patents and licensed patents worldwide.

microvision buyout

This patent portfolio is very, very valuable. No doubt one or more of the companies above are already infringing on Microvision’s patents already.”Source

Microsoft appears to be the favorite.


MicroVision is only negotiating with the “same interested parties” as they were in August. 

Back in July an analyst for Microsoft was on record for saying – “the company’s (MicroVision) technology is in Microsoft’s (MSFT) Hololens 2 and that Microsoft would be interested in buying MicroVision.”Source

Will There Be A Microsoft MicroVision Buyout Coming? 

Most analysts are in agreement that a buyout is coming at some point. The question is will it be Microsoft?

“The trends are too favorable for MVIS stock. All indications pointing to a buyout. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, among others making a big push into the AR/VR space. MicroVision is a natural fit.

With over 450 patents and counting, the IP alone is worth a fortune, especially when you consider the deep pockets of big tech.

Microsoft has $136 billion in cash, Facebook $58 billion, and Google $121 billion in cash. A buyout would save either one senseless litigation infringing on any of Microvision’s patents. This is why the bull case remains strong for MVIS stock.” -Source

Dealing with patent litigation is tedious. Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all use MicroVision patented technologies. 

It is only a matter of time. One of these tech giants will likely be acquiring MicroVision.

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