3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction

3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction alternative finance news

I’m bored today, what should I do? I got it! I’ll print out some robotics parts and assemble them to make a battle droid! Oh, no I got it, I’ll print out a prototype of a new thingamagig for this business idea I had. What am I talking about? The future economy, duh. What is the future economy look like? Something to do with 3D printing, of course. Flying and underground rapid transportation, fully renewable energy vehicles AND 3D printing. For this reason, we had to do a follow up article on Desktop Metal, one of my favorite stocks at the moment. Full disclosure, I am all in on future economy stocks. As a result, here is my analysis on: 3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction.

The Future

3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction flying cars desktop metal flying cars and 3d printing
photo credit: CNET

At AFN, we follow the hot trends, and for a very good reason.

We don’t mean to say we follow pump and dumps, that is not our mission at all.

We are talking about THE FUTURE.

What does the future look like?

Think Flying Cars, Self Driving personal and commercial vehicles, LIDAR, ubiquitous crypto payments, stem cell regeneration, planetary travel (yes, that planetary travel) and…3D printing!

Yes, the future is going to look like an episode of the Jetsons.

Think I am dead wrong? Message us in the comments below to tell us why.

We believe this so much, that we wrote an article about the top SPACs for the future.

TRNE (now DM) ended up skyrocketing 200% in one week, GMHI (now LAZR) and KCAC (now QS) are both up 400%+ each.

This is just the beginning, we are not worried about the subsequent drop from any of these stocks.

These can all be considered very short term moves, unworthy of worry.

In any case, before we get to our Desktop Metal stock prediction in particular, let’s see what the applications are for 3D printing as a whole.

Are you bullish on the future economy yet?

3D Printing Applications

3D printing is rapidly becoming one of the biggest industries on Earth.

Thankfully, it is still under the radar, so you can make lots of money investing at the bottom.

You can already see the pieces coming together. Just recently, GM announced a facility to 3D print special auto parts.

According to The Drive.com,

General Motors announced on Monday the opening of a new ground-up facility dedicated to additive manufacturing. That means GM’s engineers will have access to an entire branch whose main purpose is rapid prototyping, which will not only speed up vehicle development but also significantly cut down on the costs required to design a new car.

(insert bullish here)

If you want to make big money, you have to think long term.

3D printing industry is at the very bottom, 2020 may be like a lift off point.

I don’t want to draw a false equivalent, but it would be like buying Bitcoin in the $10 range, if I were to assign it a place on the exponential chart.

Especially considering there are virtually no 3D printing publicly traded companies.

And of all the ones I have analyzed, Desktop Metal looks like the most attractive.

This is assuming everything in the publicly available research is true, of course.

So let’s see what is going on in 3D printing land.

Building and Construction

Yes, they are building homes using 3D printing technology.

Since the technology is relatively new, it is not impossible to think that an entire house can be 3D printed.

In fact, here is a video of a home being “printed” FROM 2018!

“3D-Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000”

Worth your time to watch for sure. Watching something magical like this makes me extra bullish.

Similarly, here is a photo of the “Vulcan” printer, which can print homes generally pretty quickly.

vulcan printer 3d printing construction applications examples 3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction

From Builtin.com:

ICON’s signature printer, the Vulcan, weighs a literal ton, is almost 12 feet tall and looks like a cross between a table and a weighlifting rack. Manned by a crew of four to six people, it can print structures that measure up to 28 feet wide by 81/2 feet tall. 

In this context, “print” means scanning digital blueprints and transforming them into physical objects using an extruder, or mobile cartridge. The square block is outfitted with a nozzle and shifts back and forth on a bar that constantly raises and lowers itself to the perfect height. Material is squeezed out — in this case,  ICON’s proprietary concrete mixture Lavacrete — much the way a toothpaste tube dispenses toothpaste.

Lots of interesting stuff going on the in the industry, keep a close eye on it.

Beyond 3D printing tiny homes, there are multiple applications for this technology in the construction industry.

3D printers will most likely soon be able to produce:

  • Zero waste buildings (nothing beyond the finished product will be needed)
  • Rapid Architectural prototypes
  • Manufacture robots for construction
  • Office buildings
  • Ad hoc building structures

And all of these can be done with much less waste and in a more cost effective manner.


Let’s just see what the FDA has to say about the 3D printing for the medical industry:

3D printers are used to manufacture a variety of medical devices, including those with complex geometry or features that match a patient’s unique anatomy.

Some devices are printed from a standard design to make multiple identical copies of the same device. Other devices, called patient-matched or patient-specific devices, are created from a specific patient’s imaging data.

Commercially available 3D printed medical devices include:

Instrumentation (e.g., guides to assist with proper surgical placement of a device), Implants (e.g., cranial plates or hip joints), and External prostheses (e.g., hands).

FDA, Medical Applications of 3D Printing

Essentially, there are dozens of ways to implement 3D printing technology into the medical world.

3D printers can be used to print devices, prosthetics and (organs?) that will literally save people’s lives.

Imagine if Desktop Metal caught a piece of this action (we think it will).

Educational + Consumer Products

In theory, 3D printing has a virtually unlimited spectrum of uses.

However, in the interest of keeping this article short, we will just mention a few more.

On the subject of education and consumer products, 3D printing will revolutionize these industries.

Imagine in the future, you will be able to simply “print” out a piece of jewelry.

Or the new Playstation. Yes, a Playstation. You purchase the schematics from the company, download it to your machine, then print it right in your home.

Sounds crazy, but it’s definitely possible.

Education. Imagine you need to teach students of the future about computers, architecture, etc.

Well…you will be able to teach them about the design, then simply print it out.

This is an incredible prospect, and will be fully utilized in the future.

For more resources on the vast range of applications, check out:

By far, this is best guide to 3D printing I have seen. You should check it out.


Top 5 3D Printing Applications from Markerbot.com.

Desktop Metal Stock Prediction

FINALLY…the prediction.

Now that we have a grasp of the potentials of the 3D printing industry, let’s check out with the technicals on Desktop Metal.

The stock experienced a pretty sizeable drop following the final merger conclusion.

To be honest, we did sell around $22 expecting a post-IPO drop.

Since then, I am currently holding 10% of my account in DM averaged in around $15.75.

Currently, the stock is trading around $17.

Let’s see what the chart says:

3D Printing the Future: Desktop Metal Stock Prediction DM stock chart

As you can see from the 4 Hour chart of DM above, the stock appears to be struggling in this $17 range.

However, if you look closely at the 4HR MACD, you can see some pretty bullish action.

In my experience, when the MACD create an ascending pattern (move higher from red to green), the result is usually a price in the spike.

This is one of the more bullish charts I have analyzed recently, and I am not just saying that because I own the stock.

When those lines “converge” (circled in yellow), it is generally a [very] bullish sign.

I love this pattern, and I predict a pretty big upswing in the next couple days, probably going into the new year.

If not, that is totally fine, I will hold this stock forever.


Conclusively, my prediction is this is a multi-bagger from here, especially considering the valuation (market cap) versus the technology and operations of the company.

We do not have a set price target, but it could reach $100+ in the next few years, given the massive potential.

Oh, and obviously all the wonderful investors in the company, which you can read about in my first article on the stock here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, we will be writing much more on Desktop Metal Stock and the industry as a whole. #Subscribe

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