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With a second wave of the coronavirus sweeping its way across the nation, the economic uncertainty remains greater than ever. Millions of Americans were forced to switch to remote work while others were laid off altogether. Finding a job during Covid 19 is challenging. However some companies have managed to continue to grow and some have even flourished in the changing economic climate.

If you are looking to switch careers or were laid-off as a result of Covid, there are a number of companies in various industries that are still hiring. To help you get started on your job search, here are five companies that you can still apply to:


With the holiday season just around the corner, the supermarket chain Kroger is stepping up its hiring. The company is one of the leading grocery chains in the country with over 453,000 employees across 2,922 locations. Kroger values diversity and transparency and aims to change the way people shop for groceries.

In an era of social distancing, grocery stores have had to revisit their business model. With a limited in-store capacity, many stores are experiencing a huge influx of online deliveries. Kroger has committed to hiring more workers over the next few months to fulfill this need. Check out their Career Page for more information.

2. Chegg

The pandemic has made remote learning the norm and companies like Chegg have seen increased demand over the last few months. Chegg is an online education platform that aims to make education accessible and affordable for everyone. With the vast amount of resources on its website, Chegg has become the go-to site for higher education needs.

Given the prominence of remote learning in today’s society, the company has picked up its hiring pace. It currently has operations all across the globe in countries like the U.S, Berlin and India to name a few. Check out Chegg’s Career Page to learn more.

3. Acceleration Partners

With government-mandated shutdowns in place, physical companies were forced to take their business online. For many owners, this meant reinventing their brand to adapt to a digital environment. Acceleration Partners is a global marketing firm that is working to help brands create a virtual identity.

The company values its employees and has been voted as one of “Best Places to Work” by Glassdoor. Given that digital marketing has become a necessity for many companies, Acceleration Partners is now hiring more experts in the industry. If you have a passion for digital marketing, check out their Career Page.

4. Instacart

Gone are the days of perusing the aisles of your local grocery store. With social distancing requirements in place, the pandemic has changed the way we buy our essentials. Many people have now taken to online grocery shopping to stock up on the essentials. Instacart, a leading e-grocery business is a major beneficiary of this trend.

The company experienced a surge in orders on its app at the onset of the pandemic. Instacart gives users direct access to products from over 25,000 groceries and delivers goods directly to their homes. Given the important role of delivery in today’s remote economy, Instacart is hiring more workers in the coming months. Head to their Career Page to find out more.

5. Charles Schwab

In a volatile stock market, it can be a challenge to make the right financial decisions. The investment services firm, Charles Schwab is looking to fix that. The company’s model aims to disrupt the status quo and improve its client’s investing experience. The brand helps people take more ownership of their financial futures at any income level.

Charles Schwab’s products and services have become one of the most sought after tools in the world of finance. The company is looking to hire more employees across various departments. You can learn more about the positions available on their Career Page.


Although the pandemic has created job uncertainty for many, companies are hiring more workers as we head towards a new normal. Businesses that hire essential workers are looking to take on more employees as demand continues to surge. Other companies that cater to the remote work environment are also in need of more workers. Finding a job during Covid 19 can be challenging. If you are on the hunt for a job, we hope this list will help make the search easier.

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