Q:] Who are we?

A:] AFN is an alternative news site with a specific focus towards financial news and small business advocacy in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Our team is composed of experienced financial contributors and authors with backgrounds in covering financial and investing news. 

Q:] So what makes AFN different from other financial news sites?

A:] What sets AFN apart from other news sites is our dedication to informing and empowering businesses, employees, and everyone else affected by the pandemic. Our dedicated podcasts were formed with the goal of providing a voice and platform to the millions of affected businesses hit hardest, with an eye towards recovery and stability. 

Q:] Where is AFN located?

A:] Our headquarters is located right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, which is also why we place a strong emphasis on covering the plight of New York City as one of the worst affected cities in the US by the pandemic. 

Q:] So is it fair to say that AFN is primarily focused on NYC recovery and business/financial news?

A:] Not at all. While AFN places a strong emphasis on recovery, our primary goal is guiding and assisting our readers with practical advice, be it updates for economic aid and stimulus opportunities, to financial advice and investment opportunities. The net result is the same- a news website dedicated to providing relevant news and actionable financial guidance to it’s readers.