UPS Shipping Hacks For Businesses

ups shipping hacks

Whether you have been in business for a day or 5 years, shipping is costly. Luckily there are a number of UPS shipping hacks that can lower your monthly shipping costs.

If your business sends heavy packages on a daily basis then UPS is likely your carrier of choice. The average e-commerce business, especially smaller ones, need to offer free shipping to compete. This of course leads to high shipping expenses. Sometimes upwards of 50% of total operation costs. 

Here are some UPS shipping hacks that any business owner working with online sales should know.

1. Don’t Forget Your eBay Discount

This point cannot be stressed enough. 

If you are just now starting your ecommerce business (or if you haven’t done this yet) make sure to apply your eBay discount to your UPS account. 

ups shipping hacks

This is an easy way to gain a quick 10% off normal shipping costs even when you have absolutely no volume.  

It’s simply mind blowing how many online sellers skip this easy step instead of slashing 10% off all outgoing shipments. 

2. UPS Will Give You Unlimited Shipping Labels

No one seems to be aware that printing and paying for a shipping label from eBay is NOT the only way to get your package en route. 

UPS offers all of their shipping labels for free on their site – 

Any experienced shipper can see the value in all of these cost free shipping label options. 

ups shipping hacks

If you are a beginner, simply use their 8 ½ x 11 standard labels. These sheets fit into a standard printer and are the exact same as the labels eBay charges you for. 

Side note: When you do this make sure that your custom labels are accurately depicting the weight, size, and any other needed details for the product. If the label is found to be inaccurate, they will adjust the charge on your account. 

If you have a UPS driver who drops off regularly at your day job, they will gladly take any and all packages you have to ship out. I always bring my daily shipments to work with me and give them to our driver. Saves time when the alternative is to drive all the way to a UPS store or pay extra to schedule a pick up.

3. Use A UPS Driver If Possible

If you are working a day-job, your company more than likely has a daily UPS driver making rounds to the building. 

Any products you have that are packed, labeled, and ready to go can be given to any UPS driver while he is on his route. 

This will not only save you time and effort by not traveling to a UPS location, but it will also save you from paying for scheduled pickups.

4. Once You Have Volume, Request A Personal UPS Representative

Once your online store has accrued enough volume, you can call UPS and ask to be assigned an account representative. 

Obviously the term “enough volume” is a vague one. Once you get to $2,500 in monthly spending with UPS they will contact you and assign a personal representative. 

One of the most popular UPS shipping hacks here is that you only need to hit $1,000 to request one. After a few months of spending $1,000 with UPS you can call them and ask for one yourself. 

ups shipping hacks

Having a personal representative with UPS is huge. 

They will open discussion with you. Plans for growth, the types of packages you send, and where they usually are sent to. 

In the end you will not only have a personal representative to help you with any customer service issues. But you will likely be given a shipping discount between 15-20%. 

5. UPS Will Give You A Free Thermal Printer

If you are interested in creating more professional looking shipping labels or receipts, you may have looked into purchasing your own thermal printer.  

Quality thermal printers generally cost between $250-$300. 

However after a few months as a UPS shipper, it’s very likely you can be sent a free one just by asking.

Know Any Other UPS Shipping Hacks?

Let us know in the comments!

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