4 Covid Changes That Businesses Say Are Here to Stay

4 Covid Changes That Businesses Say Are Here to Stay alternative finance news

According to the UN, this pandemic is much more than just a health crisis. It’s an economic, social, and human crisis

Not only is the pandemic uprooting our lives, but it’s also causing rapid changes that are sweeping the business industry. Whether y.ou’re a business owner, employee, or consumer, you’ve likely already experienced some of these changes first-hand. What’s surprising, though, is that about half (44%)of business owners say some Covid changes are here to stay. 

Are you wondering what Covid business trends are likely to continue in the post-pandemic world? Get the details below! 

1. Third-Party Delivery or Pick-Up Options

Before the pandemic struck, restaurant businesses were already experimenting with delivery and pick-up options for their customers. Once the virus-induced regulations were put into place, these options become necessary for conducting business.

Pick-up options and third-party delivery services aren’t only for the restaurant industry, either. You can now streamline your grocery shopping and avoid the crowds by using these options, too. Big businesses, like Walmart, are also offering affordable deliveries and pick-ups. All of these changes are likely here to stay. Why? It’s easy, efficient, and cost-effective for both customers and businesses.

2. Telecommuting Workforce

Remember when state governments around the nation ordered non-essential businesses to close their doors? This monumental and unprecedented move resulted in a massive uptick in unemployed Americans. As a result, more people were forced into researching ways to earn money from home.

Businesses and employees with the means immediately shifted to telecommuting. Working-from-home became the ‘new normal’ for everyone from news anchors to teachers. Suddenly, the major advantages of telecommuting became apparent for the world to see. Among those benefits are:

  • Improved employee efficiency
  • More employee flexibility
  • No traveling to work (less money spent on gas)
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Happier employees
  • More productivity

4 Covid Changes That Businesses Say Are Here to Stay alternative finance news

These revelations likely mean that telecommuting is here to stay even after the pandemic passes. That’s not to say that there won’t still be in-person options as well, but telecommuting will become more acceptable and widespread in the post-pandemic world.

3. Cashless Transactions

As we’re all aware of by now, coronavirus is unique because it causes a host of strange and unpredictable symptoms. Maybe one of the strangest impacts of coronavirus was a nationwide coin shortage.

As more people stayed at home, so did their change. This caused a problem for businesses, and many had to adopt cashless transactions to continue operations. Here’s what businesses realized when they went cashless:

  • It’s much more convenient
  • Reduces the spread of germs
  • Easier to track sales
  • Lowers risk of theft or harm to employees
  • Reduces human errors (miscounting change)
  • Easier to implement discounts

While the coin shortage won’t last forever, it’s possible that a lot of business models will switch to the cashless system. This is especially true for businesses that use self-pay kiosks.

4 Covid Changes That Businesses Say Are Here to Stay alternative finance news
Smart watch cashless payment transaction


4. On-the-Job Medical Screenings

Are you children going back to school ( Are you currently an essential worker that regularly serves the public? If so, then you’re already well-aware of the new medical screenings that started after Covid-19.

Most professions are requiring daily temperature checks now. That means you’ll be screened for fever before you step into the office or school building. The main reason this trend was implemented was to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Despite the reason it was implemented, there are a lot of advantages that medical screenings provide including:

  • Curbing the spread of other contagious diseases
  • Making customers and employees feel safer
  • Improving your company’s image and brand
  • Protecting your employee’s health privacy
  • Preventing liability concerns

Eventually, experts predict that workers will need to show an immunity certificate to prove they have some form of immunity to the novel virus. They’d need to undergo antibody tests before getting their certificate.

What Covid-Induced Business Trend Do You Hope Stays?

As you’ve been hearing on the news lately, this is the ‘new normal.’ It’s unlikely that we’ll return to the former way of life after the introduction of these new trends. After all, don’t they all provide some pretty awesome benefits?

Were you surprised by any of the trends mentioned on this list? Can you think of other changes your business has made that you hope continues in the future? Let us know your answer in the comment section below.

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