How to Support Small Business During a Pandemic

How to support small business during a pandemic Alternative Finance News
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Remember Small Business Saturday? Even before the COVID pandemic, there was a growing awareness that behemoths like Amazon and Walmart were shoving small businesses into the corner. So, one Saturday after Thanksgiving was selected to shine a spotlight on the small businesses that make our communities unique.  Now it’s time to consider how you can support small business during a pandemic.

Support Small Business During a Pandemic

Six months into the pandemic, Christmas seems a world away, and while all retail businesses are struggling (Brooks Brothers, J.C. Penney and Lord & Taylor are only a few of the iconic retailers that have filed bankruptcy this summer), small businesses with fewer financial resources are hanging on by their figurative fingernails.

Buying a new suit is not going to save Brooks Brothers, but choosing to purchase food, clothing, jewelry or cosmetics from a small business can make a big difference to the owner and employees. This isn’t charity. These actions will benefit you as much as the small businesses you are supporting.

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Order Takeout from a Local Eatery

Face it – after six months at home, you’re tired of your own cooking. While some cities are now allowing inside or outside dining, if you are still wary, order takeout from a local restaurant – not a chain — and give yourself a break. According to WebMD, takeout is safe as long as you discard the packaging.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, bakeries and candy manufacturers are also looking to stay in business. If they don’t offer delivery, many take-out restaurants, bakeries and even liquor stores and distilleries are offering curb-side pickup.

Get Your Hair Done

When the first wave of the pandemic struck in April, Philadelphia’s trendy Salon Vanity sent a text to all its customers. The salon would be closed until further notice, but each client’s customized color was available for home coloring – packages would be left in the reception area. Similar efforts echoed around the country. Wouldn’t you rather use the color designed for you than order a box from CVS that could turn your hair orange?

The response at Vanity was so strong that the salon managed to hang on at its high rent location until it was safe to reopen (with a large laundry list of precautions).

If you still don’t feel safe at the salon, call to see if your stylist will make a home visit.

Even if you’re still doing Zoom meetings from the living room, you’ll look more professional if you’re fashionably coiffed.

Buy Veggies Fresh from the Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) purchase seasonable produce directly from small farmers and either deliver them to your door or to a drop off point. Yes, small farmers are businesses, too, and they need your support. You can buy a subscription and receive a basket of produce monthly or bi-weekly. Many also supply honey, baked goods and pickles for an extra charge. You can find a list of CSAs by location on the Local Harvest website.

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Support Your Local Bookseller

Independent bookstores were making a comeback when COVID took the wind out of their sales. Many are struggling, and a few have already shuttered. But booksellers are tough and adaptable. Tall Tales Books, an Atlanta landmark since 1979, is offering curbside pickup, limited home delivery and shipping until its doors reopen. Can’t find a bookstore near you? Check out the Bookshop website – you can search for a store in your area or order online and a portion of the purchase will go to support independent bookstores.

Buy a Gift Certificate to show Support during the Pandemic

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, buy a gift certificate to any of these local businesses instead of automatically going on Amazon. You will help these small businesses with your infusion of cash and possibly create a long-term relationship with the giftee for an independent merchant.

Watch this video from our friends at Godaddy to learn for more ways to Support Small Business During a Pandemic

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