Can Businesses Survive a Second Lockdown in New York City?

second lockdown in New York City alternative finance news
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Can Businesses Survive a Second Lockdown in New York City?

Remember when we were told we needed to lockdown for two weeks to flatten the Covid-19 curve? Now, we’re nearly 27 weeks into this pandemic. Yet, we’re still talking about a second lockdown in New York City. 

This news isn’t too shocking considering President Trump’s recent diagnosis. Tensions are still high, and medical professionals still aren’t sure how to treat the virus. 

While no one wants to fall ill, it’s necessary to consider the consequences of a secondary lockdown phase. Can businesses survive a second lockdown in New York City? What should we expect? 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about a potential second lockdown wave in NYC.


Covid-19 Hotspots in NYC

Did you think the pandemic worry was over already? Not so fast. Covid-19 cases continue to rise in hard-hit areas like NYC. Right now, over 242,315 NYC residents are Covid-19 positive. 57,594 of those residents are currently in the hospital. 

Due to the significant amount of cases, both New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo believe it’s time for additional action. 

On October 7th, non-essential businesses in certain zip codes will be asked to close their doors again. Restaurants will be limited to serving takeout, and mass gatherings will be prohibited. 

The whole situation will be handled based on “clusters” of cases. Red zones, or areas where the cluster of cases are present, will need to be completely locked down. Areas immediately surrounding the cluster will be orange zones. In these areas, non-essential businesses that are high-risk will be asked to close. Schools will move to remote learning only. Yellow zones, which surround the orange zones, will allow schools and businesses to open. Mass gatherings will be limited to only 25 people, though. 

You can get a full breakdown of the new rules, zoning areas, and zone status on ABC 7


What a Second Lockdown in New York City Means for Businesses

On October 6th, hundreds of schools in New York City will yet again close down at the behest of Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

With that in mind, you can expect the pandemic to continue impacting working women

Women in the workforce who have school-aged children will once again be expected to take a temporary leave from work to care for their children. Since women do make up a large part of the workforce, businesses in the NYC areas can expect to feel the impact right away.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg, though. Non-essential businesses who are asked to close their doors will suffer immediate revenue loss. 

Even prior to this second shutdown, almost 1 out of every 3 New York businesses closed their doors for good. This statistic will only increase as we enter into another lockdown period. 


Pandemic Advice for Business Owners

Are you currently conducting business in a red or orange zone in New York City? If so, then you might be feeling the impacts of the second lockdown first-hand very soon. Despite wanting to do otherwise, it’s crucial that you adhere to the governor and mayor’s orders. You’ll need to adhere to all the lockdown rules or face significant consequences. 

Did you know that some NYC restaurants are suing the mayor? According to the collective businesses, they’ve lost over $2 billion in revenue due to the continued shutdowns. If you’re losing out, then you could consider joining an existing civil lawsuit for compensation. 

If possible, then you should start to prepare your business for a second shutdown now. According to experts, at least 11 other zip codes in NYC are on a “watch list” due to rising cases. 

second lockdown in New York City alternative finance news


Is a Second Lockdown Likely?

A second lockdown is not just a remote possibility. It has already begun in certain NYC zip codes.

If you’re like most Americans, then you’re ready for this pandemic to end. While things remain bleak for now, hope is on the way. Inovio Pharmaceuticals is hard at work creating a vaccine that could potentially end the madness. 

Have you and your business been impacted by the Covid-19 lockdowns? Share how you’ve dealt with these uncertain times in the comment box below. 

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