How to Leverage Instagram and Market Your Business

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Leveraging Instagram to Market Your Business? You Should Be…

The average American spends about 2 ½ hours a day combing through social media sites. Last year, 53 of those minutes were spent scanning through Instagram. 

Are you ready to leverage that browsing time to start producing results for your business? If so, then you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know to start using Instagram to get leads and build your brand. 

  1.  Create Killer Content

First thing’s first – if you don’t have your Instagram profile set up for business use, then you need to fix that. You should never use your personal Instagram for business purposes even if you’re a sole proprietor. So, go ahead and set up your business profile, and we’ll get started. 

Do you follow anyone on Instagram or other social media sites? If so, then you already know what you need to do. If you’re not producing interesting content, then there’s no reason people will want to follow you.

Instagram is an image-heavy social media website, so you’ll want to focus on creating visually attractive content. Start by putting up professional-looking photos of your product or service. You could also include pictures of your happy employees and customers. 

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start expanding your content. Consider making short how-to’s, informational guides, or other cool content related to your niche. 

  1. Learn How to Create Stories

Simply posting dozens of images a day isn’t going to attract a lot of followers. Even worse, you could be seen as spamming your customer’s feeds! To avoid that, you should start learning how to create Instagram stories. 

These posts are different than regular posts because they won’t show up as dozens of individual posts. Instead, they’ll be neatly compiled into a slideshow for interested viewers. These stories will be available for 24 hours before disappearing from your profile. 

These stories are an attractive option for businesses because customers will appreciate your consideration. While they may be interested in your brand, they likely don’t want their entire Instagram experience to be clouded by business promotions. 

tags and hashtags

  1.  Tags and Hashtags

We all know what drives social media – user-generated content! 

If you want your brand to really stand out, then you want your customers to become a part of your Instagram profile. One way to achieve this is through properly utilizing hashtags. 

Create your own unique branded hashtag by incorporating a product, your company name, or any type of tag line. From there, challenge your followers to share their own content with your hashtag. If enough people take the challenge, then you’ll get free exposure to new potential followers and customers. 

  1. Consider the Value of Influencers

You’ve probably heard about Instagram influencers before, but can they really be valuable for your business? The answer is yes! Instagram influencers can provide quick results because they already have a large following. When they mention your business or brand, it will give you exposure and help you gain new followers. 

You’ll have to do your research before picki

ng out any influencer, though. Celebrities or people with a massive amount of followers will cost more, and you don’t want to associate yourself with someone who is divisive or negative for your business. 

  1. Always Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Networks

Don’t let your Instagram marketing end on the platform itself. Always cross-promote your Instagram posts on your other pages, too. Here are a few other great places to post your business-related content:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Your website
  • Snapchat

Cross-promoting your posts is a good idea because you’ll reach different audiences on different platforms. 

  1. Track Your Progress

Finally, you need to analyze your Instagram marketing efforts by looking at the right metrics. If you’re not seeing measurable results, then it’s time to change things up. If you’re noticing some posts are getting traction, then you’ll know where to direct your efforts. 

Track how fast your follow rate is growing. Look at metrics like how many likes, comments, and shares your posts are getting. Also, be sure to check out how many people are clicking your URL from your Instagram profile. 

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