Lockdown Round 2: The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Ready For Lockdown Round 2? 

Invisible Enemy 

Americans seem to have a problem valuing things that are intangible. A jarring example of this is our nation’s rising rate of credit card debt. Too many of us know that it is much easier to hand over a piece of plastic than it is a few bills. The transactions made with invisible money that we don’t have compromises the wealth of each individual and has nationwide economic consequences as well.


Perhaps it is the same dark recesses of the human brain that brings the reasoning that our president and some of his biggest fans have expressed. Covid 19 will go away. People are blowing it out of proportion. This turning a blind eye to a reality that is not convenient to our physical or financial comfort is no source of pride for our great nation. It is very easy for Americans to shrug their shoulders at COVID because they can’t see it. It’s not the twin towers crumbling or the city of New Orleans flooded up to its roof tops.


A Strong but Stubborn Mindset 

The hope and dream to return to our normal lives is one that echoes through every country on lockdown. Achieving that beautiful goal will take some work from both those in labs working on a cure, our everyday citizens and law enforcement. Going back to those early days when we were asked by our elders if all your friends were jumping off a bridge would you follow? We should not put down our guard just because restaurants and bars are busy. We need to check our facts about infection. If there is a hole in one’s understanding that should be a red light to practice caution and not think oh well nobody’s dropping dead out there.


The lockdown has gone beyond being a time warp of economic suffering and deteriorating mental health. It has served as a springboard for right wing groups like American Revolution 2.0 to flex their power and gain support in protesting these protective policies as well as trying to delegitimize the danger of the virus in the first place. Another right winger who seems to have controversy tailing him everywhere is American president Donald Trump. He has made public statements saying that he does not plan on wearing a mask and that the virus will probably “just disappear” (Vazquez 2020). It seems like blissful ignorance about the spread of disease is partially a top down problem.


Getting our Head Right

Lockdown 2 is upon us. This does not mean going back to square one. Instead,  it is a necessary set back to project us forward. We came out of retirement with too big of a bang. We have more information of what we are up against. It’s time to return to the huddle and come back with a better game plan, a plan that may set us on course to staying open for good because the open -shut- open routine is hardly beneficial from an economic standpoint.


Game Plan

We are definitely seeing less strict rules for lockdown part 2 in some places. The UK is allowing pubs to open under the condition that people stay 6 feet apart and telling businesses that there should be minimal contact between customers and staff. This all seems like leaving a bunch of college freshmen in a brewery and saying don’t drink or hook up, honors system yall! With alcohol flowing and businesses starting to see cash flow again it’s going to be very hard to have an invisible virus at the forefront of everybody’s concerns.


New York City has mandated face coverings to be worn at all times outside of one’s home if a 6 foot distance is not possible (NYC Health Dept. 2020). Governor Cuomo has stated that there is evidence that a large number of restaurants are not observing necessary COVID precautions and is instituting a 3 strikes your closed initiative (Higgins – Dunn 2020).


South Korea has a COVID death rate in the low hundreds and their lockdown came swift and early. They along with certain European countries seem to be enjoying the summer with less fear.


A Solution?

Due to the extreme difficulty to get behind the fact that a little bug that we can hardly see can wreak so much havoc, maybe the best route to low infection rates and a more robust economy is to hit people in the place they are most protective of, their wallets. Maybe the fear of a fine for noncompliance will result in more obedience and lower infections. Fines or not, it’s probably a good idea to find a middle ground where we are respecting science while not building underground bunkers for Armageddon toilet paper supplies.


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